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The packeing machine is a machine for sewing single-thread chain stitches by the GK9-2 packet machine.
It is an adjustable packaging mechanical product.

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Advantages of Protable Sealing Machine

Packing machine has the advantages of high flexibility and easy disassembly, and is suitable for small and medium-sized factory dock warehouses to seal the mouths of various sacks, pouch,canvas bags, and plastic bags filled with grain, sugar, sand ore, powder, etc. The machine shell is made of aluminum alloy casting with good mechanical properties, so it is easy to use, light and easy to adjust.




The needle distance can be adjusted 7-10 mm, the sewing fluffy thickness is about 11 mm, the compaction thickness is about 4 mm, according to the different materials, you can adjust the thread presser appropriately, to achieve the best effect.






Sew thin material bag, can be adjusted counterclockwise to reduce pressure, improve the effect, sew the material on the contrary, the machine used for a long time, the feeding tooth wear thread is loose, adjust clockwise to increase the pressure and improve the effect. Appropriate reduction of pressure is conducive to the load of the motor and the service life of the parts.



Before-sale services

1. 24 hours online, Your inquiry will be reply quickly.

2. Help you choose the most suitable machine

3. Introduce details of the machine for you with pictures or video.

Sales service

1. Customized machine according to your request.

2. Test and inspect every machine with strict quality control.

3.Packing with standard export wooden box after you confirm the machine

After-sales service

1. Offer the professional engineer help you to use the machine.

2. Offer technical support and professional engineer help you solve problems while using it.

3. Quality guarantee for two years. Free repair for quality problem during these years.

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