Peanut butter machine for sale

The butter machine is suitable for peanuts, sesame,walnuts and other raw materials, with a delicate taste

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This machine can grind sesame butter, peanut butter, dried fruit jam, etc.

Product advantages

1. The machine is compact and convenient, suitable for home and commercial use

2. Simple operation, clean and hygienic, high production efficiency, greatly saving labor time.

3. The production speed is faster and the grinding is finer.

4. Low noise, the motor has a rubber anti-slip base to reduce noise and make the working environment more comfortable

5. Pure copper powerful motor, stable operation.

peanut butter machine detail:

1.The equipment has characteristics of compact configuration,stabilization,high output,low temperature,thin granularity.     

2.The parts of contacting to the material are entirely made of stainless steel,so the equipment is unpolluted to processing material and be accord with the standard of the food sanitation completely.

3.The milling head of the colloid mill is through special heat treatment,it has a long service life,and easy to handle,convenient to clean and maintenance.

4.This equipment can process many types of material and after the productions are processed by the machine can preserve intrinsic nutrition elements and fresh characteristics.






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